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A message from Kevin Wilson (Founder of the NBYMP) for parents and athletes: 

Welcome to the National Basketball Youth Mentorship Program (NBYMP)! By registering, you have taken a HUGE step in the right direction towards success both on and off the court. As a NBYMP mentee, you have access to services that many other basketball athletes your age do not have. 

As a former basketball athlete myself, I have gone through many of the stages that you have already gone through, or will go through during your career such as: elementary school basketball, rep, AAU, high school, college, and university basketball. As someone who was not “academically inclined”, I chose to use the game of basketball to motivate myself towards academic success. I knew that if I wanted to play basketball at the high school level, I had to do well academically in elementary school. Once in high school, I knew that if I wanted to play basketball at the college and university level, I had to do well academically in high school. Although I did not go on to play at the professional level, I used the game of basketball to earn both a college diploma (2014 graduate) and a university degree (2017 graduate) in the field of Kinesiology. Currently, I am very proud to say that I am completing a Master of Science degree in Physiotherapy which will be completed in December of 2020. This is something that I have been working towards since the age of 12. 

Throughout my life, I unfortunately have seen many young Canadian-raised basketball athletes not reach their full potential in basketball and/or in life due to a few specific reasons. I realized that those athletes did not excel due to: a lack of academic success, a lack of financial resources (money), a lack of skill on the court, a lack of mentorship both on and off the basketball court, and/or a lack of faith (eg. they did not believe they could succeed). 

The NBYMP aims to offer the resources needed to overcome each area above, while helping to overcome other areas as well. The next few pages will elaborate on how we plan to help you. 

(Fun Fact: The NBYMP is a non-profit organization that was officially established on February of 2018) 


The NBYMP has Mentors that currently play at the professional level (e.g. NBA, European leagues, etc.) and at the college/university level (e.g. CCAA, USPORTS, NCAA). We also have mentors that are high-level Coaches and Public Figures within Canada. As a mentee, you are able to connect with our mentors by email, audio call, and/or video call ([email protected]). You can personalize your questions via email towards a specific mentor, or you can leave it “open” for any mentor to answer. Once you have completed our Player Profile, you will be paired with a suitable mentor in the program based on the answers that you provide (eg. your goals, hometown, etc). From there, you can chat with them through email, audio calling, and/or video calling. 

Questions are to be respectful (THIS IS MANDATORY). Questions that do not meet this guideline, will NOT be accepted or tolerated. Be respectful when writing/asking your questions and you will get respectful answers! Questions can be directly related to basketball, athletic development, academics, future aspirations, spiritual growth, career paths, or even about life in general. Utilize this service! 


At a discounted rate, you will have the opportunity to meet your mentors face-to-face through our basketball Workshops which are located in various cities across Canada. These NBYMP workshops are designed to make you a better individual both on and off the court. On the court, we will focus on skill development, in-game principles, and athletic development, to name a few. Off the court, we will discuss specific topics related to self-development, financial awareness, academic improvement in the classroom, nutrition, strength and conditioning, and much more. Each NBYMP workshop will feature 1-3 NBYMP mentors (professional athletes and/or high level university athletes) along with guest speakers and many other coaches. 


As a NBYMP mentee, you will have access to some of the best online tutors in North America for a discounted rate (fees apply). We have partnered with an online tutoring company known as, Gold Test Prep (GTP). GTP is an online tutoring service that was founded by students at Harvard University located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Whether you are in the 4th grade studying for a math test, or in your final year of high school studying for the SAT exam, you can trust that the tutors at GTP will help you attain the best result. For more information about tutoring, contact us by email at:
[email protected]


At your age, it is extremely important to learn about money management, saving strategies, profitable ventures, credit cards, assets and liabilities, and entrepreneurship. As a mentee, you have direct access to our highly qualified financial advisors, who will guide you towards financial success. In addition to free advice, we will conduct educational seminars focused on finances, catered to your specific age group. 


As a mentee, you have direct access to our strength and conditioning coaches, nutritionists, and sports physician who take pride in performance optimization. Our staff have worked with professional and university athletes to rehab specific injuries, improve athletic ability, correct running/jumping mechanics, and to develop things such as quickness, speed, and strength. For FREE, you are able to contact our staff members by email with any questions you may have ([email protected]). Questions are to be respectful (THIS IS MANDATORY). Questions that do not follow these guidelines will NOT be accepted or tolerated. Be respectful when writing your questions and you will get respectful answers! In addition, you will have access to in-season and off-season exercise programs, nutrition plans, and educational seminars on how to take care of your body effectively (fees may apply). 


Here at NBYMP, your mental well-being is crucial. As a mentee, you have access to our Mental Performance Consultant (MPC) who will guide you towards performance optimization through the delivery of mental skills. Free sports psychology seminars are included in our basketball workshops and topics vary from one workshop to the next. Topics include but are not limited to; motivation, goal-setting, focus, visualisation, stress-management, relaxation and many more! Our MPC is also available to answer questions (for FREE) and consult with you on a one-on-one basis to create a mental performance plan tailored to your specifically needs (fees apply)! All questions and/or interest in these services may be sent to ([email protected]). 


We understand that by you being a young student-athlete, this can lead to many distractions, temptations, and can really take you away from your spiritual foundation. Our Mentors, coaches and staff have all been through what you are going through and can help you (for free) to find, maintain, or grow your faith. Connect with our Spiritual Development Coaches to learn how to grow / practice your faith! 


As a NBYMP mentee, you will be eligible to receive grants and funding towards your future college and/or university education through our charitable organization, NBYMP Foundation. We understand that while a student in college and university, any financial assistance that can be put towards tuition, housing, food, and daily living, is extremely beneficial. For the first few years of existence, the NBYMP will only provide grants and additional funding, however our long term goal is to provide FULL scholarships to specific mentees. For more information about potential grants and funding, be sure to contact us by email: [email protected] Or if you would like to donate to the NBYMP Foundation to help others in need, please visit the link below: 



Raptors games, NBA 2K tournaments, Holiday events, and MUCH more! We aim to provide you with the most positive and most life-changing events all year-round. Look out for our emails with upcoming events / dates. 

Thank you again for joining the NBYMP family and I look forward to personally following your life journey. You were made to accomplish great things. Time to get to WORK! 

Kevin Wilson BKin, CPT 

Founder/Director of the National Basketball Youth Mentorship Program www.nbymp.ca 

President of the NBYMP Foundation www.nbympfoundation.org 

“The [NBYMP] Workshop was absolutely fantastic. My son was asking to go again before we even left the parking lot. This program is unique in that there is a strong emphasis on healthy development both on and off the court. The education component is comprehensive and engaging. There were plenty of challenging drills, great games and scrimmage opportunities. The coaches were incredible role models with many positive messages to share throughout the weekend. They had endless energy and enthusiasm and a wonderful rapport with the kids.” – Kristen McCarthy-Barry (Parent) 

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