With the right guidance and mentorship, youth can develop the confidence and knowledge needed to excel both on and off the basketball court. Our Mentors are eager and ready to share their knowledge with youth from across the country!

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The NBYMP connects youth with pro basketball athletes, university athletes, and college coaches from across the country. This connection allows youth to seek guidance/advice from high-level professionals in the industry, and indirectly helps to develop strong relationships between youth and mentors. Over time, this connection has been shown to improve confidence, improve academic scores, provide a sense of belonging, and has even helped to change certain life perspectives. The most suitable mentor is selected for youth based on a number of variables.

**Important: When our mentors are contacted through the NBYMP, we can guarantee that they will see your message or email. However, we cannot guarantee that they will see your message if you contact them on your own through social media. To make sure that you receive a response, please contact our mentors through the NBYMP only.**

​**Note: All advice, tips, and suggestions provided by NBYMP Mentors, staff, and/or volunteers are not to be used as a substitute for professional counselling services. Nor should our suggestions be used as a substitute for medical advice. The NBYMP does not guarantee results through our services but we are very confident in our ability to produce sound guidance.**

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NBA’s National Mentoring Month

The NBYMP continues to collaborate with the Raptors 905 (Toronto Raptors affiliate) and with Let’s Get Together for National Mentoring Month!

For a recap of our 2020 event, check out this video!