The National Basketball Youth Mentorship Program (NBYMP) has announced its $30,000 donation in the form of tablets and laptops to Shak’s World Community Centre for the purposes of youth education and academic advancement.

As part of a Canadian government funded initiative, the NBYMP were recent recipients of a $30,000 grant with the understanding that all proceeds would be used towards technology to advance youth education. Shak’s World Community Centre and the youth of Barrie, Ontario will benefit from this technology for the duration of one year. After one year, the technology will be returned back to the NBYMP for similar use among youth.

Shak Edwards, the pioneer behind Shak’s World, is very appreciative of the donation. “We are so thrilled about the exciting donation from NBYMP Canada. These tablets and laptops will take our programming to the next level as well as open the doors to a multitude of opportunities to our members. Thank you so much NBYMP!”

Kevin Wilson, founder of the NBYMP shared similar thoughts. “Shak’s World Community Centre opens its doors to hundreds of youth regularly across Barrie. Given our past relationship and the strong alignment of our organizations, it only made sense that we made this donation! We’re so excited to see the kids benefit from this!”

The tablets and laptops are already being utilized at Shak’s World Community Centre! The response has been extremely positive so far.

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