Written By: Matthew Rodrigopulle

The National Basketball Youth Mentorship Program (NBYMP)  and the NBYMP Foundation announced on Thursday that they have partnered with Royal Imperial Collegiate of Canada (R.I.C.C.) Atlantic Prep to assist in many ways, including a new education fund. 

The NBYMP is a non-profit, mentorship platform for youth that aims to develop youth both on-and-off the basketball court. In addition to connecting youth with Canadian pro basketball athletes for long-term mentorship, the NBYMP also provides youth with holistic teachings in areas that include sport psychology, sport nutrition, injury prevention, financial literacy and more.

It’s charitable branch, NBYMP Foundation, is a registered charity in Canada that provides youth with free academic tutoring services from qualified teachers and free academic grants and funding for their current and future schooling. In partnership with professional athletes, youth sporting organizations and various colleges across Canada, the NBYMP Foundation strives to help youth meet their academic demands. 

R.I.C.C. Atlantic Prep is a new prep basketball program located in Truro, Nova Scotia where student athletes will be enrolled virtually in classes and connected to R.I.C.C.’s main campus in St. Catharines by distance education. Atlantic Prep’s goal is to provide an educational environment which fosters teamwork, collaboration, discipline, respect, personal responsibility, and sportsmanship. They’re committed to integrating athletics into higher education while helping student-athletes reach their academic, athletic, and personal potential.

The NBYMP and NBYMP Foundation’s partnership with R.I.C.C. Atlantic Prep will include a number of benefits. Athletes will have access to NBYMP’s ‘Off-Court Enhancement Program’ which offers professional, holistic, virtual seminars in the areas of sport psychology, sports nutrition, athletic development/injury prevention, financial literacy, and guest speakers in the form of professional and collegiate basketball athletes. All seminars are instructed by qualified professionals and tailored for basketball athletes to increase engagement and to prolong retention. 

“We couldn’t be more excited and grateful to partner with Coach Lalonde and the R.I.C.C. Atlantic Prep basketball program,” said Kevin Wilson, founder of the NBYMP. “It has been clear since day one, that our core values and visions align perfectly when it comes to developing athletes holistically both on-and-off the court. Coach Lalonde and principal Patrick Fife really do put the needs and well-being of their athletes first, and we are extremely excited to compliment that mindset during this inaugural season and hopefully for years to come!”

The NBYMP Foundation will also be creating the R.I.C.C. Atlantic Prep Education Fund, which will reward selected athletes in the program with grants and scholarships for their current and future post-secondary schooling and aspirations.

“I feel very blessed and thankful for the opportunity to partner with the NBYMP and NBYMP Foundation,” said R.I.C.C. Atlantic Prep head coach J. Steve Lalonde. “I feel this partnership is a game changer for our program and validates our Mission and Purpose as a program. I believe that with the partnership with the NBYMP we will be able to ensure the development of the whole person and not just the basketball player.”

Both monetary donations and gifts of securities (stocks and mutual funds) can easily be accepted through the R.I.C.C. Atlantic Prep Education Fund. All donors will receive a charitable tax receipt from the NBYMP Foundation. To donate, be sure to contact the NBYMP Foundation or R.I.C.C. 

Donation forms will be available soon. Stay tuned!