By: Matthew Rodrigopulle

TORONTO—The National Basketball Youth Mentorship Program (NBYMP) announced on Friday that they will be expanding to the United Kingdom in January 2021.

The NBYMP, formed in 2018, is a Canadian non-profit organization that uses basketball to develop to youth from a holistic standpoint. The program connects mentors, such as professional basketball players Kayla Alexander, Nick Wiggins and Dylan Ennis (pro athlete), to youth to guide them in sports and in life. In Canada, the program has grown to include over 1500 youth and over 75 mentors.

“We’re very excited for this expansion,“ said NBYMP founder Kevin Wilson. “Structured mentorship and holistic development should not be confined to a particular area. Every young athlete, regardless of location, gender, race, etc., should have someone to talk to. Someone to learn from.”

Wilson says the UK has a strong passion for basketball, however some passion is lost at the grassroots level due to limited resources in comparison to North America.

“We want to help the countries progress in basketball at a grassroots level to help the young athletes appreciate the game of basketball more. In addition, to build athletes holistically through our off-court programming and basketball-tailored seminars.”

Through the UK expansion, the NBYMP will provide FREE mentorship to youth in the UK 19 years of age or younger. Youth will receive mentorship from British basketball professionals, university coaches and public figures and will also receive additional services both on-and-off the basketball court.

Off-court teachings include sport psychology from a Mental Performance Consultant, nutrition from a Registered Dietitian, game analysis and breakdown, financial literacy from a Youth Financial Advisor, athletic development / injury prevention from a Sports Physician or Physiotherapist and spiritual development for youth looking to find, maintain or grow their faith. Free Academic Tutoring and College Grants will also eventually be provided for youth in the program.

“I think the principles of finance, sports psychology, sports nutrition and those things are universal,” said Financial Literacy Advisor Nathaniel Gardner. “The kids in our program have found success and also have new awareness’ within these fields and those principles are time tested.”

On-court programs will include workshops and camps in partnership with various colleges and universities across the UK. The training programs will be developed by professionals, with specific skills that they believe are needed by children at various ages. Gardner says the camps are not like any other camp.

“Kids are going to get mentorship from people who could become lifelong friends. What we’ll be doing is opening up doors for these youth to see what other mentors and successful athletes do. Eventually, the kids will see that they can accomplish those things too.”

Dates and the NBYMP UK website will be available at a further time. In the meantime, follow the NBYMP UK on social media.

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